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Discount costume contact lenses

Costume contact lenses work great when you want to create special effect eyes. And nothing makes a costume more real than bright inhuman eyes. These days a wide choice of theatrical contacts is available for people who want to create an impressive Halloween costumes or need to change their eyes to participate in a performance.

Which costume contacts work best?

There are many costume lens collections available online. We selected and reviewed the lenses that are safe for your eyes and offer great effects. Some of them are cheap and mass produced, nevertheless they look spectacular. Others are custom made hand painted costume lenses.

Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision – cheapest contact lenses for your costume

  • Lowest price

  • Great effects

  • High quality lenses that feel comfortable in your eyes

  • Prescription lens are available as well as plano (no corrective power)
  • Most popular costume lenses, so it is possible that someone on the party might have eyes exactly like yours

Their most successful Crazy Lenses costume contacts are Cat eye crazy lenses, Fire lenses and Bloodshot lenses.

Wild Eyes color contacts by Ciba Vision

  • Wild Eyes offer big selection of exciting designs

  • High quality comfortable lens

  • Prescription and plano available

  • Wild Eyes last for a year
  • Wild Eyes price is higher than for Crazy Lenses

Most effective Wild Eyes designs are vampire red color contact lenses and fire lenses. Wild Eyes are very popular especially eat Halloween times, due to their amazing designs and reasonable price.

Evil Eyes collection of costume lenses offered by

Evel Eyes costume contacts picture

Discount costume contacts online

  • This collection isn’t as widely known as Crazy Lenses and Wild Eyes, so your lenses definitely will be unique

  • Excited designs

  • High quality

  • Cheap price for offered effects
  • Come in Plano (no correction) only

  • ships only to the US and Canada

Best designs are black out theatrical contacts, red cat eye lens, zombie costume lens and banshee.

Scleral costume lenses

Sclerals are theatrical contacts that cover the entire sclera (all visible part of your eye) not just the color part of it. Most are hand painted, therefore a bit expensive, but they can transform your eyes completely.

Scleral theatrical contact lenses picture

Scleral pros
Scleral cons
  • The effect is absolutely magnificent

  • Surprisingly comfortable (but require a special prescription, your eye doctor has to measure your eye)

  • Very unique, custom made lenses
  • Scleral theatrical lenses are awfully expensive

There are many other costume contact lens collections sold online. However, we recommend you to go with mentioned above lenses for safety reasons. Contact lenses (even theatrical plano contacts) are medical devices. Most paints are highly toxic and might cause irritation if they come in contact with your eye.

There are many artists who paint beautiful costume lenses, unfortunately wearing these lenses is dangerous. On the other hand large contact lens manufacturers make sure that their theatrical contacts are safe to wear, FDA approved, you can rely on Crazy Lenses of Wild Eyes not to damage your eyes.

The most important safety rule when wearing theatrical contacts is to pay attention to how your eyes feel. If they feel irritated and look red, take the lens out immediately. Also don't wear your lenses for more than 6-8 hours in a row because they block oxygen access to your eyes. Cleaning your lenses properly is also very important.


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