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If you want to attract attention, crazy contact lenses are a sure way to go. Even if you have dark eyes, Crazy Lenses completely mask your natural color replacing it with a crazy design.

Crazy contact lenses with designs

There are eight designs:

  • Black spiral and red spiral – for crazy eyes effect (recommended)

  • Cat eye – only in yellow, for animal eyes effect (recommended)

  • Fire effect (recommended)

  • White-out contact lenses – creates zombie eyes effect

  • Wolf eyes

  • Bloodshot

  • Stars and stripes - American flag

Special effect crazy lenses marked “recommended” create especially magnificent effect

All Crazy lenses will work for people with dark and light eyes. Unlike other color contacts they are not at all transparent.

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Can I see while wearing crazy lens contacts?

Even though the lens is completely opaque, you can see well because the center of the lens is clear. The only vision problem you might notice that your peripheral vision is not as good while wearing crazy contacts.

If you normally wear glasses of prescription contact lenses, you can get Crazy colored lenses with corrective power. So your eyes would look crazy, but still see well.

If you have perfect vision, then you should go for plano (zero correction) crazy contacts.

Crazy contacts are comfortable – as comfortable as costume lenses can be. But you can’t wear them for longer then 8 hours. Which is a long time if you wear them as Halloween crazy contacts.

They are simple to look after. Just wash them in the solution before insertion. If you leave your Crazy lenses in the solution for a few weeks, it is recommended to change the solution from time to time. And give them a very good rub and rinse in a new solution before putting them in. Your can use them only once a year or every day, it doesn't affect the quality of your lens.



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