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Special effect contact lenses are an exciting invention of contact lens industry. If 20 years ago they were only used in movies, now various special effect designs are available to everyone, who wants to stand out of the crowd.
Costume contact lens - how to select the best special effect contact lenses

Crazy Contact lenses amazing designs of costume contacts

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Halloween contacts – how to make your costume a real WOW.

Looking for something different for Halloween this year? Halloween contacts might be the answer. Costume contacts have been used in movies and by stage performers for decades. Now Halloween contact lenses are available to anybody who wants to make their costume feel completely real with those inhuman, magical eyes.

What Halloween contact lenses are available?

Your choices are great, from mass produced affordable contacts like Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses, to custom designed contact lenses where the limit is only your imagination. There are many designers who would create unique special effect contacts just for you, but custom made costume lenses naturally cost more, and you will have to place your order in advance.

  • Coastal Contacts offers a very interesting collection of special effect lenses. Their designs include Banshee, Blackout, Flames, Gremlin, Red Cat, White out, Vampire Red and many more. The lenses look stunning and feel comfortable in the eyes. All lenses are FDA approved and last 5-6 years unopened or 1-2 years once opened. As always Coastal Contacts guarantees lowest prices. Here are some of their special effect contact lenses

  • Wild Eyes is another brand of mass produced Halloween contacts. Those lenses are manufactured by CibaVision and can be found in some online stores. Or you can buy them from your eye doctor and pay twice more.

wild eyes halloween lenses
  • Scleral lenses. Those are a real WOW. They are called scleral because unlike most color contacts that cover only the color portion of your eye, scleral lenses cover entire visible area of your eye, which is called sclera. As you can see, the effect is amazing, but there are downsides as well. Sclera lenses are more difficult to insert and remove from your eyes and they are expensive.

scleral halloween contact lenses

Be careful when ordering Halloween contacts.

Buying Halloween lenses online is safe and convenient, but only if you order from trustworthy, well-known company. The trick is that it is very easy to set up an e-commerce site and start selling stuff online.

If you order your Halloween contacts from unknown company chances are very strong that your lenses will be delivered late if ever, and you will have a very hard time chasing that company to get your money back. So be careful!

5 things you should know about costume contact lenses

  • Who can wear costume lenses? Almost anybody. If you vision is good and you don’t need any corrections, go for plano (no corrective power) lenses. Corrective contacts are available as well you can even order toric costume contacts if you have an astigmatism.

  • Can I see while wearing Halloween lenses? Yes, the center of the lens is clear so you can see. And lenses with corrective power improve you vision like ordinary clear contacts would. The only exceptions are some white lenses (for blind eyes effect), those are completely opaque and usually worn only one at a time.

  • Are theatrical lenses dangerous? Only to people who will think you are a real vampire. Being serious, costume contacts produced by reputable contact lens manufactures and ordered from trusted online stores are as safe as ordinary corrective or color lenses. However, they are still medical devices and should be properly cared for. Neglecting proper cleaning rules and swapping your lenses with other people is dangerous.

  • Do Halloween lenses come as disposables? Usually not. Most costume contacts have a year long life span. They are more difficult to make than color contacts, so it doesn't make sence to produce disposable custume contacts.

Do I need a prescription for special effects lenses? If you need them with corrective power, yes If you vision is good and you want non corrective (plano) lenses, prescription isn't’t necessary. However, it is a good idea to consult with your optometrist anyway.


Recommended costume contact lens retailers. - Huge selection of Halloween contacts (highly recommended) is a well-known online contact lens and glasses retailer. They carry a big selection of costume and color contact lenses at the lowest prices. You can get all brand name lenses prescribed by your doctor 40 - 70% cheaper than from the doctor’s office. They also sell unique Halloween lenses which you can't find anywhere else. Free shipping is available. Ships worldwide.

To save even more use special coupons :

TURNQ120 to take $20 off contact lens order over $99 + free shipping for new customers only, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FS free shipping no minimum order, expires 28/02/2013

TURNQ1FPF first pair of glasses free (for new customers only), expires 28/02/2013

To use the coupon, copy it and paste into a coupon field when you get to "review and payment" step after you enter your shipping information.

Since Coastal Contacts prices are already among the lowest on the Internet, this is a great opportunity for you to get your lenses at the cheapest possible price.

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AClens has been selling contacts and other optical goods online since 1996. They are a trusted and established company. The web site is well organized, so you can find your lenses in seconds. Prices are very low. They sell Wild Eyes Halloween contact lenses.




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